The regular school year at La petite fanfare spans 30 weeks, from early September through end of May. Registration is possible throughout the year, if space is available. Please contact the school administration. <2016-2017 public calendar.

Instruments offered

Cello, clarinet, djembe, drums, flute, guitar (acoustic, bass or classical), oboe, piano, recorder, saxophone, trumpet, violin, voice.

Instrument classes

30 or 60 minute weekly private classes are taught in the school studios. The teaching is adapted to the age and the level of the child. Teacher and student decide together the music pieces which will be studied. Students progress at their own pace.

Theory classes

One-hour group classes are taught in the school studios. This instruction is suggested when a more sustained learning progression is sought. Students must be at least 9 year-old to register in theory classes.

La Petite Fanfare can also adapt this class to a student’s specific needs.

Please communicate with the school office for more information.

Group classes

The students discover and work on voice (CHELSEA GLEE, ADULT JAZZ CLUB) and chamber music repertoires. These groups are open to community members. Please call and inquire about participation in those groups.

Musical awakening

The musical awakening program is taught to small groups of children (5 children or less). It is intended to initiate the 3-4 year-olds to the wonderful world of music. While playing, children learn the scale, intensity and duration of sounds, sound environment, rythm and pulses, instruments, and different kinds of music. This program is offered in weekly 50 minute classes.

Musical accompaniment

This service is available to students who need to be accompanied by a pianist during a concert, as well as during the practices before the concert. Fees apply.

Instrument rentals

Clarinet, flute, violin, and cellos can be rented from the school at a reasonable price. A good solution before investing in an instrument.


Under some circumstances, and for a limited time, it is possible to have access to the school studios to practice. . Please communicate with the school office for more information.

Choir singing at Chelsea Elementary

La petite fanfare offers a weekly choral singing activity at Chelsea Elementary school. The rehearsals take place on Tuesdays at lunch time (11:50 am – 12:30 pm), and are lead by musicians from La Petite Fanfare. Choir is open to all classes. Ten practices are scheduled. A joint concert with Grand Boisé choir will take place at the end of the activity period, early December.

Carlos Zuluaga and Christopher Kornienko lead the choir.

For more information, please contact La petite fanfare.

Choir singing at Grand-Boisé

La Petite Fanfare, the school of music in Chelsea, offers a weekly choir activity at l’école du Grand-Boisé. This activity takes place on Wednesday (Preschool and 1st grade) and Thusday (2d through 6th grade) noon, from 11:50 am to 12:40 pm. 10 practices are scheduled. A joint concert with Chelsea Elementary choir takes place at the end of the activity period.

La petite fanfare musicians directing the choirs are Carlos Zuluaga and Christopher Kornienko .

For more information, please contact La petite fanfare.


Evaluations and concerts enable the student to pace and guide his/her learning.

For those students who so wish, an evaluation by the Conservatoire de musique du Québec or by the Royal Conservatory of Music can be done. Fees apply.

Students’ concerts

La Petite Fanfare also offers the possibility of playing for friends and family twice a year: in December before Christmas and at the end of the school year (mid-May). These concerts not only are great sharing experiences between the students and the other teachers, but they are also a great time for friends and family to appreciate the positive evolution of the student. Free admission.

Teachers’ concerts

La Petite Fanfare teachers also present a concert for the students, parents and friends, twice a year. Not only is this a great occasion to see the teachers take the role of musicians, but these concerts have a magical way of stimulating and motivating the young beginners. When you see your teacher perform you understand how practice makes perfect. Free admission.