8th edition!
Summer 2018!
La Petite Fanfare’s music day camps!
Six one-week camps at Grand-Boisé School!

For the eighth straight year, La petite fanfare will be offering music day camps during the summer.

This year, we are offering SIX bilingual music camps of ONE WEEK (FIVE DAYS) each.

The camps are for children of elementary school age (5 to 12 years old). Each camp offers one private class per day, learning the chosen instrument, and ensemble music. Rhythm activities, choir practices, active listening, musical mime, musical games are also on the menu. A public final show is presented to the parents. The camps will be held at Grand-Boisé School.

Child care is available in the morning (doors open at 7:30 am) and in the afternoon (from 4 pm to 6 pm).

Here are the dates:

First camp, from July 2 to July 6;(SOLD OUT – THANK YOU)
Second camp, from Juy 9 to July 13;(SOLD OUT – THANK YOU)
Third camp, from July 16 to July 20;(SOLD OUT – THANK YOU)
Fourth camp, from July 23 to July 27;(SOLD OUT – THANK YOU)
Fifth camp, from July 30 to August 3;(SOLD OUT – THANK YOU)
Sixth camp from August 6 to August 10.

Cost is $240 for any camp, including instruments and daycare. Limit of 20 children per camp. First come, first served.

Please call 819 927 4007 for further details.