Christmas concerts will be held on Sunday, December 9.

La petite fanfare students’ Christmas concerts will be held on Sunday, Dec. 9 at the Chelsea United Church (Mill Rd Community Space), 8 Mill Rd. The concerts will be at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm. Free admission.

The family names of the students participating in each concert are listed below:

2pm concert
Aitken-Morrow, Alary, Bélanger, Beshai-Moubarak, Brosseau-Kharyati
Brown, Bruyère, Bryce, Busi, Caffin, Child-Gignoux, Cooper, Corrales, Dufour-Joly, Essiembre, Gauthier, Girard, Godin, Goulet, Haultain, Joubarne, Meldrum, St John.

4pm concert
Brisson, Fournier, Ivison, Kennedy, Lafontaine, Legault, Letourneau, Montgomery, Moore, Nadon, Oickle, Ozga, Persaud-Clarke, Pinard-MacDonald, Plante, Raina, Ranson, Raymond, Rebut, Ruel, Sabourin, Séguin-Nadeau.

6pm concert
Bellemare-Caradot, Couture, Gladish, Kittridge, Lemelin-Gutierrez, Lukss, Méloche, Nadeau, Nasr, Parry, Scarlett, Schryburt-Cellard, Smith, Therrien, Turpin, Verlez, Viot, Williams, Zaidi.

Please note that for most students, classes will continue during the week following the concerts.

Back to school!
Saturday, September 8
is the first day of music classes.

La petite fanfare is starting its 14th year
of music education in Chelsea

La petite fanfare will soon start its fourteenth year of music education in Chelsea! La petite fanfare offers private classes (30 or 60 minutes) for the young and the not so young.
Registration will start on Monday, August 20. Please send an email message to or call 819 827 4007. Thank you.