Christmas concerts will be held on Sunday, December 9.

La petite fanfare students’ Christmas concerts will be held on Sunday, Dec. 9 at the Chelsea United Church (Mill Rd Community Space), 8 Mill Rd. The concerts will be at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm. Free admission.

The family names of the students participating in each concert are listed below:

2pm concert
Aitken-Morrow, Alary, Bélanger, Beshai-Moubarak, Brosseau-Kharyati
Brown, Bruyère, Bryce, Busi, Caffin, Child-Gignoux, Cooper, Corrales, Dufour-Joly, Essiembre, Gauthier, Girard, Godin, Goulet, Haultain, Joubarne, Meldrum, St John.

4pm concert
Brisson, Fournier, Ivison, Kennedy, Lafontaine, Legault, Letourneau, Montgomery, Moore, Nadon, Oickle, Ozga, Persaud-Clarke, Pinard-MacDonald, Plante, Raina, Ranson, Raymond, Rebut, Ruel, Sabourin, Séguin-Nadeau.

6pm concert
Bellemare-Caradot, Couture, Gladish, Kittridge, Lemelin-Gutierrez, Lukss, Méloche, Nadeau, Nasr, Parry, Scarlett, Schryburt-Cellard, Smith, Therrien, Turpin, Verlez, Viot, Williams, Zaidi.

Please note that for most students, classes will continue during the week following the concerts.